I love to solve mysteries, especially ones with history. I love Ancient Egypt, War legends, Ancient China, Mummies, Aztecs, Theology, Philosophy, Salem Witch Trials, Witches, History of The Roman Catholic Church, The Malleus Malificarum, Ghosts, Voodoo, Haunted Houses And Mythology. Basically I love the unsolved mysteries of our World..

Life love and happiness are the keys to peace, not war between religions, because in the end they are all the same and all root from one almighty god. Father creator of Heaven and Earth, Zeus, Osiris, Mother Earth, Yahweh, etc.  they are all one. So stop the fighting and lets have peace because we are all the .SAME.<3

Bastet is my favorite Egyptian Goddess, She is  elegant, sexy, yet very powerful, with a Cats head and a woman's body. The Ancient Egyptians worshiped her for her grace. She  originally was a solar deity, daughter of the sun  god Ra. She was both a wild desert lioness and a peaceful cat headed goddess. Bastet was one of the “Eyes of Ra”, who would demolish evils in Ancient Egypt. (2890-2686 BCE)

Ever mind the rule of Three..What you give out comes back to Thee..

Mermaids are the beautiful sirens of the sea, whose history goes back to Ancient times<3

Nymphs were revered as the spirits of the forest. They were represented as lonely, and eternally youthful and beautiful creatures.<3