Soo yea I’ve had this site since I was eleven and  I’ve never even tried to use it. Then one day I get the urge to deal with it  and I have no idea how to make a  web page so bear with me on this one. Anyway I thought  I would make each page a different interest of mine. So page one will consist of my friends because they are my life and now that I am a Senior I’m sure there will be many memories to put up on the “Friends” page. Next will be School events and updates about certain Colleges that I am interested in. My third page will consist of my family  life and stuff going on with my gigantic family. And last but not least  I will write about all my Historical interests and the books that I am reading..because yes I am a nerd and love reading. So yea that’s about the most of it. Hopefully I will not abandon this site again like I did  six years ago. So here it is Devyn Marie’s Web Page!

Seniors 2006 BABY!!